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Titanic: Treasures from the Deep

Posted on 2009.06.17 at 20:50
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This past weekend I took the family up to the Woodfield mall in Schaumburg Il. The purpose for this was in an outlying parking lot in some mobile trailers was a travelling museum exhibit featuring artifacts retrieved from the wreckage of the RMS Titanic lying three miles beneath the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean. The exhibit was sponsored by the Country Insurance Co who will no doubt be repaying my patronage with no end of solicitations, but for someone such as myself it was worth it. I had a genuine moment, what I call a "history geek-out moment." Under the glass protected from the elements, my grubby fingers and drool was a porthole frame from Titanic, no doubt broken from the superstructure when Titanic broke in two. Here it was cleaned of rusticles dried and desalinized nonethe less a piece of Titanic two feet away from my face separated only by a glass box. Or as I was actually thinking at the time "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! THAT IS A PIECE OF THE ACTUAL FRIGGIN T I T A N I C!! AND I AM STANDING NEXT TO IT!" What else did this circle of metal bear witness to? Was it within earshot of Charles Lightoller as he ordered women and children into the lifeboats? Was it within earshot of the band as they played "Nearer My God to Thee?" Who looked through this porthole (or at it from a lifeboat)? Margaret "Molly" Brown, J. Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, or John Jacob Astor?

This is one of many reasons why I have no tolerance for people who say "history is boring."

MTG thought

Posted on 2009.04.13 at 12:15
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This spring Magic the Gathering is coming out with "Duel Decks: Divine vs Demonic," consisting of 2 sixty card decks, a black demon deck and a white angel deck. and oh yes part of the strategy of the black deck is to feed your Lord of the Pit, Breeding Pit thrull tokens. Alas my old friend saint_vaelor you were only ten years ahead of your time.

I do like the flavor text they put on the Lord of the Pit though: "Planeswalker your debt only begins with my summoning."

Just a thought

Posted on 2009.03.31 at 10:54
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I think that if everyone who believes in a world of peace long enough to say "I just want peace on Earth," took one day to collectively walk, talk, eat, work, and act peacefully to the their surroundings and the people within them, that such a day would be one of the greatest days this world has seen in recorded human history.

thought of the day

Posted on 2008.03.08 at 09:00
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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons....

For you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup

warning spoiler follows

Posted on 2008.02.04 at 11:58
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I saw "Cloverfield" this weekend, and I can honestly say I wasn't over or under. I was sufficiently "whelmed."

If you liked "The Blair-Witch Project," you will probably like Cloverfield. I you didn't like Blair-Witch for the obvious reason you will probably hate Cloverfield.

The movie had 2-3 WOW scenes, but the rest was bouncy camcorder headache-ness.

For Lovecraft fans, the main antagonist may have been a Mythos monster of some sort, but I am not certain, and will have to check the diagrams in my "Call of Cthulhu" rpg to be sure.

Of the three horror movies I have seen in the theater over the last calendar year, I would rank them:

1)"The Mist"
2)"28 Weeks Later" close second
3)"Cloverfield" distant third

I will probably buy "Cloverfield" on dvd, but I will probably wait until it hits $7.50 at Wal-Mart.

Kill the Garthams with my glaive

Posted on 2008.02.01 at 12:33
I am thinking about having a marathon of 80's high fantasy movies. Would anyone be interested, if so please rank and argue back and forth about these.

The Dark Crystal
Clash of the Titans

Please add any I may have forgotten due to the hastiness of this post.

Still here....still amused

Posted on 2007.12.20 at 18:48
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hello friend

"Must've hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up huh kid?"
-Han Solo
"The Empire Strikes Back."

Not to deflate anyone's ego but I was inspired for my previous post by a great number of sources.
All I'm trying to say is that hipocrasy does not know the line between liberal and conservative and nothing shows that more than this time of the year. Let's not have a double standard, one standard will do just fine.

One thought though if Christmas is such a secular holiday, why do so many advertisers say holiday present instead of Christmas present? Do they really think that atheists, Jews, and Muslims will not buy a Tomtom if they say Christmas, even if they really want a GPS for their car, or do they really want me to believe that a wife will get into their car and say "Honey I got us an early holiday present." Don't do that. It presupposes that I'm stupid, and I don't want people to think that I'm stupid, fat maybe, stupid never.

As for why I disabled the comments for my last post. Simple, I just wanted to see who would get riled enough to post to their own journal in response, and well...damn.

I know what I believe, I know how I came to that realization. I wish I could say it was 100% faith, but no, I like Thomas needed to see His hands, and put my hand in His side, and I will share the details with anyone who asks, but only in person. The details are far too personal for any sort of electronic forum.

Busy days are ahead, if I don't get a chance to post again please friends be safe the next few days, and if possible be happy, and as always

merry CHRISTmas

kinda funny in a sad way

Posted on 2007.12.20 at 11:55
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I find it rather amusing that people who at best believe 11 months out of the year in the theoretical possibility of the Judeo-Christian God, people who believe, or state that they believe the Bible to be pure fiction, people who think that conservative church going people who have the absolute temerity to publicly state what they believe represent everything that is evil and wrong with the world. I find it amusing that the people who 11 months out of the year believe these things are truly wondering where the magic of Christmas from their youth has gone.

Christmas carolers are still around. They are at church, and they truly believe that if they sing anywhere but in church, that some angry intolerant atheist is going to call the police and report them for creating a public nuisance. Now where oh where would they get a cockamamie idea like that.

Yes its amusing.

merry CHRISTmas.

Writer's Block: Warning:

Posted on 2007.11.27 at 20:34
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If you came with a warning label, what would it say?


Mass Turkey Murderer still on the loose!

Posted on 2007.11.21 at 08:24
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